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CHEM-X-INFINITY is an independent company which provides libraries of small organic molecules for pharmaceutical and agrochemical use. Once a new receptor has been identified, the screening of diverse or focused libraries is now the usual beginning of a research program. Our team has been involved in parallel synthesis for over ten years. It has developed robust robotic methods and informatic tracking tools to quickly produce libraries of high quality.

Our libraries are designed using medicinal chemistry filters and molecular modelling predictive tools to select the best combination of reagents. We work on original scaffolds and the originality of their applications. The libraries are focused on important medicinal themes, including GPCRs, kinases, peptidomimetics and fragments. We also propose diverse libraries adapted for first intention screenings, the Explora libraries.

In order to broaden the field of investigation, we add new compounds to our collection regularly. Our products are sold on a semi-exclusive basis. We design the projects to 100% in order to be able to propose fast resynthesis and synthesis of analogs. We also propose exclusive custom libraries on request.

In this website you can browse the main libraries and read the rational for the compounds as pdf files. After logging in you will be able to browse through most of our current products (sdf of db files). Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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